Charity shops - Making a claim

March 15, 2018 Alyson Pepperill
Charity shops - Making a claim

In our blog about charity shop insurance we explored the state of charity shops today and identified that there are a number of factors making the landscape uncertain, namely the rising costs of running a shop and a drop in the number of volunteers.

If you own or manage a charity shop, it’s important to do everything you can to ensure your assets including your people are protected in case of an emergency. The good news is that in the event of a claim, there are several things you can build into the daily running of your business that will help your insurance company defend your position if someone is injured at the shop.

Firstly, a meticulous health and safety record keeping process can help to defend your position against any claims that occur following an incident. Consider keeping the following to hand:
• Accident report form
• RIDDOR form (F2508)
• Witness Statements
• Post Incident Investigation Reports/Notes
• Risk Assessments (Pre and Post Incident)
• CCTV recording
• Employee files (including training records)
• Wage details (13 weeks pre and post-absence)
• Inspection/maintenance logs
• Cleaning logs
• Details of any visits/correspondence post-incident from the HSE

Whilst the above is essential, it is worth noting that this is not a definitive list and additional information may be requested from Loss Adjusters appointed by insurers and some of these documents will not be relevant in the case of a claim made by a customer.

It is also crucial to have a risk management process in place to help reduce the risk of a claim occurring in the first place. This should include:

• Ensuring you use appropriately qualified and skilled employees and professional advisers to develop and implement your health and safety policy.
• Keeping your risk assessments up-to-date and relevant to your activities.
• Making sure you have comprehensive records for training, PPE issue, health screening, etc. that have been acknowledged and counter-signed by employees.

Putting measures in place to ensure your charity shop is protected needn’t be a daunting task. At Gallagher’s we offer risk management support and insurance for shops, so if you have any questions or are looking for some advice, call us on 0800 6123628 or email us at



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