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  1. What is Underinsurance?

    January 25, 2019 Alyson Pepperill crisis management

    Underinsurance occurs when you've not taken out the right amount of insurance to cover your needs. Read our latest blog to understand the importance of making sure that you are fully covered and the consequences if you are not.

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  2. Gallagher announce ARC partnership

    September 25, 2018 Paul Eden crisis management

    Gallagher are thrilled to announce our official partnership with the ARC (Association for Real Change.)

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  3. Why Risk Management plays an essential part of protecting your charity

    August 07, 2018 Paul Eden crisis management

    Like all organisations, charities and not for profit organisations handle risk daily and to safe guard reputation and to manage assets it is essential to have a Risk Management plan in place.

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  4. GDPR - Two months On

    August 06, 2018 Edgar Flaherty crisis management

    Two months after GDPR we look at the initial impact of GDPR on the charity sector, we also look at the options of putting in a Risk Management strategy to deal with the uncertainty still surrounding GDPR

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  5. How will Brexit change the face of the UK charity workforce?

    July 19, 2018 Alyson Pepperill crisis management

    Brexit remains a major disruptor within the charity sector and beyond, with potentially far reaching impacts. Changes to currency and the weak pound could be significant to certain organisations, as could the effect on EU grants, legislation and European supply chains. Read our latest blog to examine some of the risks that may face a charity due to Brexit.

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  6. The Responsibilities of a Trustee

    June 07, 2018 Alyson Pepperill crisis management

    Something that often holds people back from becoming a trustee is the level of responsibility that comes with it, and the fear of being held personally liable if something was to go wrong. In this blog, we look at the insurance available to protect your trustees.

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  7. Charity shops - Making a claim

    March 15, 2018 Alyson Pepperill fundraising crisis management

    If you own or manage a charity shop, it’s important to do everything you can to ensure your assets including your people are protected in case of an emergency. In this blog we can look at things you can build into your daily running of your shop, to help your insurance company defend you if the need ever arises.

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  8. Charity Shop Insurance

    March 06, 2018 Alyson Pepperill fundraising crisis management

    The Charity Shop Survey 2017 shows that times are changing, in our latest article we will look at those challenges and how having the right insurance can help.

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  9. Abuse Insurance and Safeguarding issues

    January 11, 2018 Alyson Pepperill crisis management

    Safeguarding should no longer apply only to those are most vulnerable but any party who comes into contact with the charity, including volunteers and staff. Read our blog to find out more

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  10. Our Crisis Management Seminar

    January 10, 2018 Alyson Pepperill crisis management

    Towards the end of last year we hosted our latest seminar, which focused on crisis management and ensuring your organisation is as prepared as possible for any potential unrest.

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